I'm a firm believer on everything starts with self. "SHE" is a guided program created to help yourself through skill building that will challenge you to cultivate your inner strength; mentally, emotionally and physically. We are all victims to some type of unresolved childhood trauma and may be even trauma that started in adulthood. Because trauma is so misunderstood in the black community we have to break this stigma of adults who live in shame of their trauma; which can sometimes exceed our awareness. Trauma is not just a one time catastrophe, nor does the unpacking of it start in adulthood. Trauma is any experience where a person cannot cope and the nervous system becomes dysregulated. Trauma will never be experienced the same way for each person which is why it cannot be measured on a scale, it cannot be labeled big or small. Trauma can also be inherited and developed by being a spectator of a tragedy. Suppressing trauma only perpetuates the symptoms, and makes it less manageable. SHE helps to resurface the trauma and find coping mechanism to better your mental health. Save the person that died in your past, yourself. We repeat what we don't repair. Forgiveness must not be confused with repair. These are two different parts of the healing journey. Healing can be a life long process but why not make it worth your while. Mental wellness requires participation. It takes commitment from yourself, not medicine nor a therapist. You can fix you. #selfhealers