How Can We Teach Our Young Girls To Consistently Love Their Selves No Matter What?

Published on 27 December 2020 at 01:58

What are we giving our girls to look up to other than a Cardi or Megan? lets make more options for them.

2021... Children are growing up in the social media age where you have to have long hair, hourglass figure, materialistics to be considered a somebody. Kids are constantly comparing them selves to social media figures who most of the time be broken on the inside. Social media doesn't teach to think for yourself but to go with what's poppin at the moment and teaches girls to look for love, comfort, and happiness outside of their selves. Their generation is most susceptible to peer pressure and anxiety at an early age. What are tips you use to show your child or maybe younger sibling acts of selfcare? Learned acts of self-love at an early age is important because kids get introduced to the world at a young age through school and social media. The main reason kids have anxiety aside from a unhealthy environment is comparing their self to what society says is acceptable. I strongly believe by doing this will eliminate the jealousy and competition amongst our little black girls and young women because when we love ourselves we love others.


{A tip to help} Refer back to your childhood. Think about things that you may have struggled with as a child.

This will help the parent apply what they needed growing up to the child as well as healing their inner child.
self-love ideas
  • self-love journal... everyday allow her to write one thing she loves about herself.
  • every morning and night speak positive affirmation
  • play that promotes mental health
  • mirror gaze for 5 min... admire your beauty
  • practicing good hygiene


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