My criminal justice professor once said, You give back to the community what you never received as a child". So that's what I want to do. I am a first generation college student in my family. I grew up around black women not having more than a high school diploma & doing the best they could and knew how to make ends meet for the family. Trust me, I'm not discrediting these women in my life or other women that may be in their position. I simply want to create an open and positive forum for females addressing the issues and stigma's women are presented with daily. Not all of us are dealt the right cards but that doesn't mean we can't reshuffle our deck for a better outcome. 

Quarantine poses its own mental health challenges. During this pandemic not only is our physical health being threatened but taking care of our mental health is just as essential. The American Psychological Association reports that social deprivation carries a number of health risks. Not only are we addressing these issues but also making a love for self and a love for knowledge of self a trend in the homes of African American women. Therapy is something the black community strays away from but another form of therapy could also be promoting guidance, enforcing positive relationships, and providing opportunities for reflection, growth and self examination. Previous existing mental health conditions can impact an individuals ability to cope. The way of life as we knew before will never be the same, so while taking precautionary measures we can still use self-care therapy at home...even a therapist has a therapist.  

There's so much to talk about and address in our communities, all while inspiring and uplifting women of color. This is a space for women to come to for comfort, guidance, inspiration and open discussion. Most importantly we are learning from ourselves, others, and the day to day life aspects shared on this platform. Gained knowledge has no age limit. Here we respect other's beliefs, opinions, and views; to raise awareness and empower our counterparts because in unity we are strong.   

-Tiasha Stanfield-      

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